Icarus, Retro Electro artist

I am icarus

I tell stories

It all started out as something small, something I would do in my spare time as an emotional and creative outlet. I never imagined it growing into what it has become today, the places it's taken me (both physically and mentally) and all the amazing people I would meet along the way.

As a child my parents often told me I had a very lively fantasy, I used to daydream about visiting distant worlds or exploring alternate universes. This has always been a big part of my life and more than often I've hoped to one day be able to show others what I visualized. 

For me, everything begins with audio which later turns into something optical. About two years ago I wrote the first notes on what was to become my first songs as Icarus and began building the mask i wear. 

I'm inspired by the French nu-disco/Electro scene, Synthwave, and 80s Sci-Fi movies and I try to incorporate that in both the audio and visuals I create. 

These are my stories and I hope you'll enjoy them.